I know this pandemic has not been easy on a vast majority of people, but as of recently, many businesses have had to face challenges of what it will be like to open up safely. I have started a project to help out my community with contact-free menu and flyer services using QR codes! Now, you may be asking yourself 
“Kayla, what is a QR code?”
QR codes allow access to all kinds of information like documents, websites, phone numbers, locations, social media platforms, etc. A QR code can be accessed simply using most smartphone cameras, Snapchat, or older devices using an app like “google lens” or other similar QR Code readers from your phone app store. It is super easy to use and a great way to keep away germs. If you feel your business could benefit by having contact-free ways to communicate information with customers, reach out via email if you have any questions or would like to receive a quote.
Benefits of Having QR Menus:
- Better for the environment 
- Easy to clean
- Less contact between customers and menus
- Protection for staff 
Choose Between Two Options:
Option 1: One Menu
One time printing for those who may not regularly update their menu
One QR menu per table + extras
Open to your website or google drive menu file
Plan 2: Possible Changes
A yearly fee, includes QR maintenance and 4 digital menu updates
One QR menu per table + extras
Open to an interactive menu software 
The Jetty Bar and Grill 
Summer 2020 breakfast, dessert, wine and cocktail menu
The Jetty Bar and Grill
Summer 2020 Full Menu 
The Sandbar on the Beach
Summer 2020 Menu
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